Maggie Chen, Founder of MC2FIT

Everyone has a starting point. I started my journey into fitness with myself. I was 165 lbs and felt I needed a change. After many tries, I found a gym with an exercise class where I was befriended by a gal which led me to stay and lose 60 lbs! From my positive experiences, I decided to dedicate my life to helping others transform as I did.

I’m a Master Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. My greatest pleasure, passion and calling in life is to use my 16+ years experience in the health and fitness industry to be a catalyst for others to achieve their highest aspirations. I became passionte about fitness after seeing numerous loved ones’ quality of life drastically suffer by lack of good self-care.

After earning a Bachelors of Arts degree in Physical Education and Exercise Science from Cal State Los Angeles, I wanted to further my education and practical experience. I finished an extensive personal training and nutrition program from the National Personal Training Institute where I was able to earn the highest graduating score. As I worked with weight loss clients, corrective exercise clients, strength clients, youth, seniors, functional strength clients, I had the awesome privilege to witness phenomenal changes in their well being.

It is from a place of gratefulness in my heart for my own health, fitness and well-being that I continue to utilize all I have been given to give all I have in helping others break through their own plateaus in life and achieve the unimaginable. Won’t you join me?