Q. What do I bring to class?

A. Comfortable workout clothes, shoes, water, and a towel. It is also helpful to download the Tabata Timer in the app store enabling you to alter the duration of work and rest in seconds during class.  

Q. What days/times are the beginning level classes during the week?

A. You can find the most recent schedule here and look for “CAMP TNT 1” level classes.

Q. Are we required to attend the same class schedule each week?

A. MC2Fit allows members to make up their classes in the same class level or below, space permitting, while membership is active.  However, members should understand that if making up during either the two days at the beginning or end of the week may result in performing the same workout. Calories and muscle building will continue to happen but the same muscles will be taxed again.


Q. I had to miss classes due to an injury. Is it possible to make up the classes I paid for but missed?

A. If you sustain an injury that makes it so you are unable to attend class, please tell us immediately! All memberships have built in free days that handle missed days due to minor illness, injuries or schedule conflicts.  If its a prolonged situation where a member can not workout for a few weeks to a month, we will allow you to make up the missed weeks during your active membership or, in certain situations, after membership is finished if the absence is accompanied by a doctor’s note. In the case that a member may be out for 2 months or more, we will need a doctor’s note stating the length of absence and a letter from you stating when we would freeze the account and the date you authorize us to restart the account as per your medical needs. We will restart your account as normal with no other interruptions. 

Q. I missed some classes due to my work schedule.  When can I make them up?

A. If you missed classes due to schedule conflicts/work/vacation, you can make those up during your active membership.

Membership & Pricing

Q. If I move from the area, can I cancel my membership?

A. In the case of moves outside a radius of 25 miles, you will be able to cancel your membership. You must provide a 30-day written notice and you will only be billed up to that time.

Q. What are MC2Fit’s Personal Training prices?

A. As an active group training client, we offer you discounted pricing on additional 50 minute Personal Training sessions at the rates below. If you decide to do Personal Training, our recommendation is that you train on days you don’t have group training to give your body time to recuperate. Sessions are scheduled with Maggie or Anton depending on schedule.


  • 19 sessions: $1499

  • 11 sessions: $969

  • 5 sessions: $509


Contact Maggie or Anton for Personal Training prices outside of active membership.

Q. What discounts do you offer on monthly packages?

A. Please check with us for our most current promotions. Generally our packages include the fee for monthly classes and nutrition clinics/plans, assessments/measurements, and additional metabolic conditioning training without additional fees.


Q. Do you have any quick tips for me to keep my nutrition in check?

A. Here are four tips to remember to update how you eat:


  1. Begin to take all processed foods out of your plan.

  2. Incorporate more lean protein and vegetables in your diet.

  3. Try to eat five small meals instead of three big ones.

  4. Eat at regular intervals to keep your blood sugar level steady. This method prevents crashes so you don’t get overly hungry and lose control.

Q. How soon can someone provide me with a tailored daily nutrition plan?

A. Your nutrition plan is done on the day you attend a nutrition clinic and requires that you have already taken your measurements with Maggie. Your plan will include your specific macronutrient numbers and during the clinic, we will put the nutrition plan together that’s right for you.

Q. What is the nutrition program that MC2Fit offers?

A. The MC2Fit Nutrition Program is a clinic, available about once a month, where members learn what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and why we eat what we eat for long-term success. The program includes two phases. Phase 1 is focused on setting up your plan while Phase 2 is where lifestyle eating begins.

During the clinic, members will bring in the macronutrient numbers provided to them from their initial assessment and subsequent measurements in order to appropriately meal plan. Within the group setting, everyone will contribute ideas and recipes that help members add meals that are specific to their macronutrient numbers and tastes.