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Your initial assessment includes:

  • Body Fat Percentage assessment ($75 Value)

  • Total Body Measurements ($50 Value)

  • Movement evaluation ($119 Value)

  • Consultation in achieving your goal ($60 Value)


Scheduling Your Free Initial Assessment

The initial assessment is the first step to getting started with your transformation process. You may have a fitness goal in mind where you have an image of what your ideal body would look like. As you might have guessed, you will need to do some work and it’s a process/journey and not a sprint. Like any other process the road to your destination/end-result starts with the first step.

Every member of MC2Fit starts out with an initial assessment of their physical fitness level. You will be evaluated as to your natural movements to see if there are areas that you will need more work. For example, someone who sits a lot for their jobs are more prone to rounding their shoulders and making it difficult to perform a good squat where their shoulders are back over the feet. That would be an indication as to form correction needed and strengthening of the back to support proper movement of the entire body. So, we try to find movements in your body that may be an indication of something that we should help you with more.

Besides the straight-forward weight from a scale, we at MC2Fit track your body fat percentage as the primary indicator of your progress towards your goal. In order to get the most accurate body fat percentage, we use an industry-standard caliper to measure your fat at strategic parts of your body. Then along w/ measurements from other parts, your body fat percentage is calculated using multiple data points for the highest degree of accuracy.

Our coaches will also listen to your fitness goals and begin the personalization portion of our program. We are not a one-size-fits-all program. Everyone is assessed and monitored to document improvements towards their goals. Much attention is spent on creating the unique program for you. If you need or prefer one-on-one personal training, our top notch certified trainers will develop a customized plan based upon your situation. If you qualify & prefer group training, you will be placed in the level of classes that best match you. At any point of the training, if you are not familiar w/ an exercise, our instructors will provide you with modifications to any of the exercises to best help accomplish your specific goals.

To get the best of the programs we offer is a combination consists of both personal and group training. Where in group training, the areas that need improvements can be identified and then worked on individually in personal training. Members who do both group and personal training can achieve their goals faster. Having said that, we certainly still have seen great results in either personal or group training alone.

After you have gone through your initial assessment where we know more about you, that’s when we can recommend the best program for your needs. We will also begin the all important topic of nutrition. We at MC2Fit take nutrition seriously. As most of us know that nutrition plays a major role in one’s health and fitness level. Without proper nutrition, exercising alone does not produce maximum results. Therefore, at the initial assessment, where you are nutritionally is also a topic of discussion so that we can better customize a nutrition plan best for you.

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